How to join

How to join

How we start projects and get things done


What are volunteer expectations?

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Code of Conduct

Adhere to our code of conduct. Keep collaboration safe and fun for others.

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Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to ask someone for help. No such thing as a dumb question!


Communicate Availability

Sometimes real life gets in the way of volunteering. That's totally okay, just let us know!

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Hand-Off Tasks

If you need time off then let us know ASAP so we can hand off your tasks to another member.

Project Management

Our PMs and Leads steer the ship

Project Managers and Practice Leads define the roadmap and create tickets in our kanban board. They lead our meetings and make sure everyone is on the same page.

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Three men gather around a computer, looking excitedly at something on the screen.

Time Commitment

We're happy with any support

We're flexible with your time. All we need from you is your great communication to let us know where you are with your work.

Project Length

Projects are for the long haul

With small input, we take a little longer than a paid gig. Our teams work iteratively to ensure we are thinking through the problem space rather than devising a solution.

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We'd love to meet you!
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