Code for the Carolinas Partnership

Recruitment Status: Actively recruiting

Problem Statement: Code for Chicago is partnering with Code for the Carolinas in developing an openly-licensed educational toolkit that will empower local residents to replicate Code for Asheville project Open Meetings Policy in their local community.

The toolkit will provide materials to support people as they learn to conduct an environmental scan related to public meetings, evaluate the openness of local meetings in an online and in-person context, and use a template to publicize and seek support for recommendations.

Deliverable: Web-based Educational Toolkit/TBD depending on research

Current Needs: UX Research, UX Design

Tech: Google Docs and Forms or similar

This would be a good fit for: For UX folks - there will likely not be any type or prototyping/wireframing as this is more so a research project. Hence, it’s great if you’re interested in the research side of things in UX and getting experience collaborating remotely with a team and providing insights.

Meeting Cadence: Wednesdays 6-7pm CST/7pm to 8pm EST

More Info: