Between Friends

Recruitment Status: Actively recruiting

Problem Statement: Currently, BT’s staff can only make content changes on the website, but not to the layout. If they want to make changes beyond content then they would need a Developer to make these changes for them. Since they don’t have any web development staff on-hand, this poses a challenge for them to sustain and scale their website in the long term.

Additionally, Joe suspects that their primary users, donors and DM clients, are not leveraging their website for their primary tasks and wants to identify a way to improve this experience for them.


Current Needs: Front-end, UX Research, UX/UI Design

Tech: Wordpress, Figma, HTML/CSS, Basic web development to facilitate technical research

This would be a good fit for: For Developers, it would be a good fit for someone who is interested in facilitating some technical research. Not a lot of code would be built right now, so just need someone to be open to verifying technical solutions.

On the design side, beginners are welcome. Especially those who are interested in learning more about accessibility.

Meeting Cadence: Tuesdays at 6-6:30pm CT

More Info: